Online booking

Gain efficiency with secure online booking and payment

Simplify your time management and improve your efficiency by offering your customers the possibility of booking your services and paying online, simply and securely

Detailed presentation of your services

Integration of the most popular calendar solutions

Receive payments upon reservation

Detailed presentation of your services

Detailed presentation of your services

Give your customers a complete and detailed description of your services. Highlight the unique features and benefits of each service to attract and convince your visitors.

Enrich your descriptions with photos, videos or testimonials to make your offer even more attractive.

Offer instant confirmation

Offer instant confirmation

Why offer instant confirmation of bookings?

Instant confirmation reassures your customers by providing them with immediate feedback on their booking. This improves the user experience and reduces the risk of double bookings.

In addition, it simplifies the management of reservations and allows you to better organize your availability.

Manage your availability efficiently

Real-time updates

Synchronize your calendar to display your availability in real time and avoid overbooking.

Custom planning

Define your hours of availability according to your needs, with the possibility of blocking specific slots.

Cancellation policies

Implement clear, automatic cancellation policies to better manage your bookings and minimize losses.

Integration of the most popular calendar solutions

Integration of the most popular calendar solutions

Use tools like Calendly to enable your customers to book a table, medical appointment or place at an event online. This reduces phone calls and helps you manage bookings more efficiently.

Online calendar solutions are flexible and can accommodate different types of services, making managing your availability simpler and more organized.

Send automatic reminders to your customers

Send automatic reminders to your customers

How can automatic reminders improve your attendance rate? ?

Automatic reminders by e-mail or SMS reduce the risk of forgetting appointments from your customers. This increases attendance and optimizes your schedule.

In addition, these reminders can include useful information such as arrival instructions or cancellation policies.

Optimizing the user experience

Mobile compatibility

Make sure your online booking system is optimized for mobile devices, allowing your customers to book easily from their phone or tablet.

User-friendly interface

A clear, intuitive interface enhances the user experience, making the booking process simple and enjoyable.

Customization options

Offer customization options for bookings, allowing customers to specify their particular preferences or needs.

Receive payments upon reservation

Receive payments upon reservation

Give your customers the option of paying for their bookings online. This simplifies the booking process and guarantees your revenue.

Integrate secure and recognized payment solutions such as Stripe or PayPal to reassure your customers and facilitate transactions.

The services I can provide for your showcase site

Not all steps are mandatory. Choose my à la carte services, for example, if you only want consulting or if you already have a team in place to handle part of the integration.

Functionality definition

Establishing the website's specific features, so that it best matches your objectives and professional activity.

Website design definition

Based on your existing visual identity, such as your logo or typography. If you don't already have one, we can define it together.

Complete website creation

Tailor-made web development of an Internet site in the image of your company, your product or yourself.

Domain name registration

Register one or more domain names and create sub-domains if necessary, for a store, a blog or a new product from your company.


Putting your site online and adding the domain name to it, to make it accessible anywhere in the world, with maximum performance.

Text and SEO optimization

Text enhancement for your website, using text from a previous site or a fill-in-the-blank template supplied by me.

Decorative image generation

Looking for decorative photos for your site? Integrate beautiful illustrations or realistic photographs into your website.

Stripe integration

Add your store's products to your site in a customized way for each product, from a personalized product sheet to translation.

Booking integration

Offer your customers the option of booking directly on your site, for a better user experience.

Website translation

Multilingual site support, with no limit to the number of languages supported. Translate your products as well as your blog posts. Content translation available on request.

Move up a gear

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