Online store

Develop your online business with a tailor-made website

Sell your products online, whether in your neighbourhood or at internationally, using a simple, effective platform that will enable you to reach a much wider audience

Extend your sales area to new markets

Present your products in an innovative and attractive way

Manage your stock efficiently and automatically

Expand your sales area to new markets

Expand your sales area to new markets

An online store allows you to sell your products or services to a global audience. You are no longer limited to a single geographical area or specific physical location.

Potential customers can access your online store from anywhere and at any time, significantly expanding your target market and increasing your chances of making sales.

Complement your physical store with an online store

Complement your physical store with an online store

Will my virtual store replace my physical store?

The primary goal of an online sales site is to attract new users by appearing in search engines.

This way, even customers who are not yet familiar with your store will have the opportunity to make purchases on your site and potentially visit your physical location later.

Why choose this over sites like eBay or Etsy?

Unique design

Create a look and feel specific to your brand without being limited by the templates or restrictions of third-party platforms.

Extended functionalities

Develop features specific to your business model, such as loyalty programs, complex integrations, or order management systems tailored to your needs.

Internet SEO

Improve your visibility on Google search results! No longer be limited in the number of photos, translate your product descriptions into as many languages as needed, and add new items without any restrictions.

Present your products in an innovative and attractive way

Present your products in an innovative and attractive way

Adding your items online gives you the freedom to no longer be restricted in the quality of your descriptions.

Enhance your product descriptions by integrating photos, videos, or links to other sites to provide a more immersive and informative shopping experience.

An online sales platform suitable for all activities

An online sales platform suitable for all activities

Do you have products to sell but no physical store?

Start selling online without needing a physical location to showcase and sell your products.

Sell various items, training courses, and much more with a versatile virtual store that allows you to present your products attractively worldwide.

Why choose this over solutions like Shopify or PrestaShop?

Visual control

Your platform will look the way you want and will be more easily modifiable.

Functionality control

Add a blog to attract new users to your website. Easily integrate your Stripe or Calendly account to manage your sales and appointments.


You are not dependent on a third-party platform and its policies, updates, or pricing.

Manage your stock efficiently and effectively

Manage your stock efficiently and effectively

Optimize your stock management with cloud-based solutions like Stripe!

Easily bill in person and online with Stripe while centralizing your inventory.

Simplify your management process and ensure you have complete control over your inventory.

The services I can provide for your online store

Not all steps are mandatory. Choose my à la carte services, for example, if you only want consulting or if you already have a team in place to handle part of the integration.

Functionality definition

Establishing the website's specific features, so that it best matches your objectives and professional activity.

Website design definition

Based on your existing visual identity, such as your logo or typography. If you don't already have one, we can define it together.

Complete website creation

Tailor-made web development of an Internet site in the image of your company, your product or yourself.

Stripe integration

Add your store's products to your site in a customized way for each product, from a personalized product sheet to translation.

Domain name registration

Register one or more domain names and create sub-domains if necessary, for a store, a blog or a new product from your company.


Putting your site online and adding the domain name to it, to make it accessible anywhere in the world, with maximum performance.

Getting started with Stripe

Don't know Stripe yet? Let's find out together how to create a product, write a description and define prices or promotional codes.

Text and SEO optimization

Text enhancement for your website, using text from a previous site or a fill-in-the-blank template supplied by me.

Website translation

Multilingual site support, with no limit to the number of languages supported. Translate your products as well as your blog posts. Content translation available on request.

Move up a gear

Would you like to develop your business via the Internet?

Send me information about your needs so we can schedule a videoconference to target your expectations.

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