Showcase website

Reach a global audience with a tailor-made website

Showcase your product or company to the world with an impactful website that highlights your strengths and strengthens your online presence.

Give your company an international reach

Present your products or services in several languages

Gather valuable information about your visitors

Give your company international reach

Give your company international reach

Give your product or company global reach with a custom website that truly reflects your image and gets the message out about your expertise.

Reach new markets and engage an international audience with a professional, personalized online presence, highly customizable to your needs.

A website customized to your needs

A website customized to your needs

What kind of information can I include on my customizable showcase site to suit my needs?

You can add a variety of elements such as detailed product descriptions, customer testimonials, image galleries, contact forms and even integrations with marketing tools to maximize the impact of your online presence.

How does this compare with a solution such as WordPress or Wix?

Site performance

Get ahead of your competitors with a high-performance site! In a world where search engines prioritize fast websites, get a head start by focusing on your site's loading speed.

Customization without limits

Adjust your website's appearance to perfectly match that of your company, product or brand, with no limitations on style, font or photo format.

Adapted to traffic variations

Pay less in times of low traffic, but make sure your site remains stable even during peak periods with our flexible solution.

Present your offer in as many languages as you like

Present your offer in as many languages as you like

Improve the international reach of your products by translating your content.

A bespoke website makes it much easier to translate every page, product or even blog post, allowing you to effectively reach a global audience and strengthen your presence in international markets.

What are the advantages over social networks like TikTok or Instagram?

Creative freedom

Enjoy total content freedom without censorship. Express yourself fully and control every aspect of your online presence.

Extended functionalities

Customize your platform to your specific needs with tailored tools and modules to maximize efficiency and impact.

Presence assured

Stay visible after the buzz with optimized SEO. Maintain a consistent online presence and attract new visitors.

The services I can provide for your showcase site

Not all steps are mandatory. Choose my à la carte services, for example, if you only want consulting or if you already have a team in place to handle part of the integration.

Functionality definition

Establishing the website's specific features, so that it best matches your objectives and professional activity.

Website design definition

Based on your existing visual identity, such as your logo or typography. If you don't already have one, we can define it together.

Complete website creation

Tailor-made web development of an Internet site in the image of your company, your product or yourself.

Domain name registration

Register one or more domain names and create sub-domains if necessary, for a store, a blog or a new product from your company.


Putting your site online and adding the domain name to it, to make it accessible anywhere in the world, with maximum performance.

Text and SEO optimization

Text enhancement for your website, using text from a previous site or a fill-in-the-blank template supplied by me.

Decorative image generation

Looking for decorative photos for your site? Integrate beautiful illustrations or realistic photographs into your website.

Website translation

Multilingual site support, with no limit to the number of languages supported. Translate your products as well as your blog posts. Content translation available on request.

Move up a gear

Would you like to develop your business via the Internet?

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