Attract more customers by presenting your menu online

Reference your menu on search engines and communicate the quality of your products to attract new customers

List the services you offer online

Display testimonials and reviews from your customers

Make it easy to book your tables or lounges online

Reference the services you offer online

Reference the services you offer online

Appear more often and more easily at the top of search engine results by presenting your establishment in a detailed and attractive way.

Your future customers will be more likely to find you when searching for a restaurant on the Internet and will be more inclined to dine or have a drink with you thanks to a site that knows how to show you off.

An alternative to virtual menus

An alternative to virtual menus

What is the advantage of a website over a simple online PDF menu?

Although practical and inexpensive, PDF menus are not referenced by search engines, even if they are accessible online.

By creating a real site around your menu, you'll increase the chances of attracting customers looking for all of your menu suggestions.

The best part is that a menu on a website can easily be converted to PDF.

An attractive choice compared to a simple online menu

Simplified translation

Offer your international customers a menu in as many languages as they need.

Detailed menu

Add descriptions and photos to each dish or cocktail, with no content restrictions.

Online referencing

With a detailed menu online, search engines will be able to reference your dishes and suggest them to Internet users carrying out searches on the subject.

Display customer testimonials and reviews

Display customer testimonials and reviews

Give your future visitors confidence by showing that before them, others have loved the setting and service you have provided.

Add Google reviews, personalized reviews as well as links to newspaper articles or gastronomic magazines to reinforce your quality image.

Integrate home delivery services into your website

Integrate home delivery services into your website

Will my customers be able to order takeaway from my site?

Attach your Deliveroo or Uber Eats business accounts to your website to allow your customers to book directly on your site.

Can you deliver to your customers yourself? Remove the fees associated with these platforms with your own bespoke ordering site.

Showcase every facet of your business on a bespoke website

Your restaurant

Offer your visitors details about its history, the place where it's located and enhance descriptions with glowing photos of the area.

Your team

By showcasing the specialties of the chefs and mixologists who work with you, you'll have a better chance of attracting customers who are a good match for you.

Your card

Highlight your favorite preparations and cocktails with beautiful descriptions and photographs, thanks to a design modeled on your brand image.

Make it easy to book your tables or lounges online

Make it easy to book your tables or lounges online

Simplify your telephone reservation system by allowing your customers to choose the date and time that suits them directly on your website.

In addition, they will be able to receive a telephone reminder, which will limit cancellations.

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