Content creation

Centralize and monetize your content on a single platform

Communicate on your own custom platform and share content exclusive content with your subscribers, with no content restrictions.

Master your image without depending on anyone

Eliminate third-party platform fees by offering content on your site

Grow your business by selling your products online

Master your image without depending on anyone

Master your image without depending on anyone

On your custom website, you define your rules of use. You're no longer limited by the rules imposed by Instagram or TikTok. Create content in as many formats as you like, be it blog, photo or video.

By avoiding this dependence on third-party platforms, you'll be able to offer exclusive content to certain categories of your fans, and divide and arrange your creations as you see fit.

Reduce fees on donations

Reduce fees on donations

What advantages does a website give me over traditional designer platforms?

A personalized website would enable you to accept payments and donations from people who follow you, without having to pay the fees associated with these platforms. What's more, you'd have more freedom in terms of the rewards you offer.

A space centered on you alone

Search engine optimization

Website content is less ephemeral than that posted on social networks. Searches related to your site can bring you new visitors, even if you post less regularly.

Contact pro accessible

Define separate media, agency and fan spaces and convey clear, detailed information to each, translated into as many languages as you like.

Appointment booking

Offer online appointment slots to brands or recruiters who are interested in your profile. If you're offering training courses, you'll also be able to invoice immediately on appointment booking.

Eliminate third-party platform fees by offering content on your site

Eliminate third-party platform fees by offering content on your site

You're tired of paying exorbitant fees on donations from your fans, on platforms such as BuyMeACoffee, Patreon or OnlyFans

Propose to your fans to subscribe directly on your site and remove fees from third-party platforms to increase your revenues.

Sell your products freely

Sell your products freely

What are the advantages of a bespoke site over SaaS e-commerce platforms?

Platforms like Prestashop or Shopify offer numerous templates and plugins to create your online store quickly, but you'll easily be limited in terms of design freedom or functionality.

Give yourself total freedom over how your website looks, plus pay less in fees over the long run .

Features that match your needs

Centralization of social networks

Rather than a LinkTree, present each of your social networks in a quick way, so your fans can find their way around more easily.

Site access by subscription

Restrict certain sections as well as your entire site to users who pay a subscription fee.

Online store and booking

Offer products or appointments on your website and get paid on time thanks to secure payment solutions.

Expand your business by selling your products online

Expand your business by selling your products online

With a bespoke site, offer your products and creations for sale, in a format that you can define entirely.

Manage your stock with Stripe, sell with no restrictions on content or format, all translated for your international customers.

Here's a list of services that could be useful for developing your business

You don't have to provide me with a mock-up, a computer server or even a clearly defined visual identity for me to implement what I suggest. I have the skills and infrastructure to implement all my suggestions.

Move up a gear

Would you like to develop your business via the Internet?

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