Expand your online business to reach more customers

Showcase your products in detail to attract local customers and practice online sales.

Make online sales easy and convenient for you

Attract and retain local customers in your physical store

Simplify your stock management by centralizing it on a single platform

Make online sales simple and convenient

Make online sales simple and convenient

With a bespoke store, present each of your products as you wish, with no restrictions on the number of photos or items shown.

Ease invoicing both online and in your physical store with Stripe, the payment platform that will allow you to easily manage your stock.

Expand your sales area

Expand your sales area

Sell your products all over the world

Significantly increase the number of your customers with a website translated into several languages and accessible anywhere, anytime.

With each online order, all you have to do is send the product to the customer by post.

Complement your physical store with an e-commerce site

Constant visibility

Even if certain products are in stock, out of stock or a size short, you can still present them to your customers.

Product referencing

By adding your products to a website, search engines will be able to reference them and offer them to Internet users performing related searches.


Will one of your planned collections be available soon? Offer part of the stock for pre-sale, collect your customers' postal information at checkout and send them the product once it's available.

Attract and retain local customers

Attract and retain local customers

Give your customers a first glimpse of your store by offering photos and detailed descriptions for each of your products.

Your customers will know more about the type of product you sell, in addition to having a guarantee on the quality offered.

Dematerialize your business completely

Dematerialize your business completely

Is it possible to have a virtual store without a physical store?

Remove the costs associated with a business such as renting premises or the

Manage your business more easily by keeping only a storage space that won't need to be accessible or arranged for the public.

Realize all your sales online with a customized e-commerce site.

An e-commerce site, even if what you sell doesn't fit in a box

Car dealership

Present each of your new or used vehicles through detailed, translated data sheets. You can also offer your visitors the possibility of scheduling a test drive from your site.

Real estate agency

Present your properties in a personalized format, without skimping on photos and features. Also add contact forms to schedule visits.


Offer your rooms and suites in the same way as any other product, and ensure bookings thanks to integration on your site.

Simplify your inventory management by centralizing it on a single platform

Simplify your inventory management by centralizing it on a single platform

Adopt the Stripe platform to manage your inventory online and use it also in your physical store.

Thanks to Stripe Terminal, when a card purchase is made in your store, your inventory is automatically harmonized.

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